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Frequently Asked Questions:

“$30,000 for Eligable investors (Alberta and Ontario, see below), and $50,000 for accredited investors. Accredited investors may purchase up to $175,000 preferred shares.“

“The management of Phase 1 at Oliver Landing was replaced in June 2018 due to failing performance milestones, and the sole investor at that time, Mr. Thomas Beyer, has since restructured Oliver Landing Phase 2 and 3 to include outside investors, who normally would not access to this opportunity. The construction team is now led by Chad Willox of Spur Construction who is very experienced and has delivered hundreds of construction projects on time and on budget.“

Please see https://www.investoliver.ca/subscribe. DO NOT WITHDRAW YOUR RRSPs or registered funds to invest. This will have negative tax consequences. Olympia Trust will transfer funds from other registered accounts, and place them in a self directed account. From there you may invest in any eligible product, including Oliver Landing Phase 2 & 3. Please consult with your tax advisor prior to taking any action.

Yes, we accept all registered funds. As you are probably aware, your RIF requires a 5% drawdown annually, and you will be required to drawdown from your other RIF accounts because Oliver Landing Phase 2 & 3 will not be paying any distributions until the completion of the project, estimated to be in 24 months time. Please consult with your tax advisor prior to taking any action.

We are required to follow applicable securities laws around offering this investment into Phase 2 & 3 of Oliver Landing (shares of the development company in this case). We now have an OM (Offering Memorandum) in place, allowing not only Accredited Investors (or the friends, family and close business associates of the officers or directors of the company) to invest but also anyone in BC, and also Eligible Investors in AB and eastern provinces, including investments via your RRSP, RIF, LIRA or TFSA !

An accredited investor is someone regulators believe is well versed in financial matters, based on a certain net worth or income level. The logic is that if your net worth or income is sufficient, you can afford good advice, and not be financially devastated in the event of a loss of your investment.

The definition from the BCSC website:
Accredited Investor Exemption
Under the accredited investor exemption, you can sell securities to an accredited investor in any amount without providing any disclosure about the issuer. There is no limit on the number of purchasers or the amount that can be raised using the accredited investor exemption. An accredited investor includes:
- financial institutions
- registered advisers or dealers, pension funds, mutual funds selling only under a prospectus or to accredited investors or persons buying at least $150,000 of securities
-corporations, limited partnerships, trusts or estates having net assets of at least $5 million
- individuals who have at least $1 million in financial assets (cash and securities) before taxes. (In calculating an individual's financial assets, any outstanding loans incurred to acquire those assets must be deducted.)
- individuals whose net income before taxes exceeds $200,000 (or $300,000 combined income with spouse) in each of the two most recent years and who reasonably expects to exceed that net income in the current year
- individuals who have at least $5 million in net assets

Purchasers who qualify as an accredited investor in the last three categories listed above must sign a risk acknowledgement form in Form 45-106F9 Form for Individual Accredited Investors. It requires the purchaser to acknowledge that the investment is risky and requires the purchaser to confirm that they understand how they qualify as an accredited investor. It is two pages – short enough to ensure that purchasers read it.

Since the laws for investing in securities (in this case the shares of the development company) are different from province to province, the term Eligile Investor only applies to Alberta and Ontario residents. There is no such term for BC residents.

Under an Offering Memorandum (this development company will be filing one soon), Eligible Investors (AB and ON residents) may invest $30,000. For BC residents, anyone may invest under an Offering Memorandum.

Detailed information can be found on a variety of websites including: http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/complete/statreg/227_2009#section1.1

"eligible investor" means
- (a) a person whose
- (i) net assets, alone or with a spouse, in the case of an individual, exceed $400 000,
- (ii) net income before taxes exceeded $75 000 in each of the 2 most recent calendar years and who reasonably expects to exceed that income level in the current calendar year, or
- (iii) net income before taxes, alone or with a spouse, in the case of an individual, exceeded $125 000 in each of the 2 most recent calendar years and who reasonably expects to exceed that income level in the current calendar year,

"No there is no guarantee as it would be both illegal, against the securities rules and unethical. It’s an equity investment, not a loan. Rest assured that I prefer to make some money on top of the $460,000 owed which I get only if I deliver 15%/yr to you." - Thomas Beyer

"Building 1 being finished (units 1-4) and bldg. 3 (units 9-12 now in March) .. starting phase 2 design and legal work right now .. ready by April so we can sart marketing for pre-sales as we need pre-sales to get construction financing for phase 2." - Thomas Beyer